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2020 Camera Market Share – Canon Maintains No.1 Position from 18th Consecutive Year « NEW CAMERA


By admin, on April 28th, 2021

As you Can see Canon is still able to grab a big market share, despite being a new Mirrorless Player in the market. For the fiscal (not calendar) year, Nikon puts their forecast ILC unit market share at (850/5,300) 16%. For the 2020 calendar year, Canon puts that ILC unit market share at (2.76/around 6) 46%. Sony doesn’t report unit sales of cameras.

Canon cash cow for the year 2020 was the Canon R5 & R6 Mirrorless models. We hope and expect Sony will bring out Sony A7 IV camera soon, to gain more consumer base in the market (A7S III isn’t in the reach of everyone). Nikon is trying hard (see the latest news here) and they will soon gain more market share in the near future for sure.



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