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After the EOS R3, Canon will introduce new “affordable” RF mount cameras [CR1] | Canon Rumors


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The Canon EOS R3 is getting all of the talk right now, and for good reason. The new camera will become Canon’s flagship RF mount camera until we see an EOS R1 late next year at the earliest.

I have been told that after the Canon EOS R3 begins and whenever supply chain issues are corrected, Canon will focus on the lower end of the RF mount lineup.

A replacement for the Canon EOS RP is coming, this will obviously be the new entry-level camera for the RF lineup. Pricing for this camera will be aggressive.

The RF mount APS-C sensor equipped unicorn is also “in the pipeline”. It will sit above the EOS RP replacement in price and will be the smallest camera in the RF mount lineup.

Reading between the lines, it doesn’t appear that an APS-C RF mount camera will be the EOS 7D series replacement a lot of people are hoping for. I could have read into this wrong, but that’s the way it feels at the moment. I personally think an RF mount replacement for the EOS M6 Mark II or EOS M5 would be a bigger seller in the current market than a mirrorless 7D series camera.

As for a direct replacement for the EOS R, that doesn’t seem to be something that will happen. Though I do imagine there will be a full-frame shooter between the EOS RP replacement and EOS R6 in price, I just haven’t heard anything about such a camera.


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