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American Made, Contract Grade Frames, Along with Quick Availability, to Define New Upholstery Brand



JP Home Furnishings is the newest company to launch domestic manufactured, quickly available residential upholstery.  

The brand, which will contract manufacturing through a twenty-five plus year High Point-based commercial upholstery manufacturer, will be co-led by an advisory board of design and merchandising professionals, along with industry veteran, owner/operator of PR and Marketing firm, Creative Communication Services, Carla Mata.


“We intend to offer retailers, and shoppers, on-trend designs, frame construction that meets commercial grade standards, at a fraction of the time most manufacturers are shipping,” states Mata. “Historically price, quality, and design were the pitch, which are all valid, necessary attributes, yet as big as price, quality, and design are, in our present climate, availability is king. Retailers simply can’t get enough product right now and they can’t get it quickly enough.” 


Accompanying the brand’s “availability” and quality distinction, is their made in American story. According to Mata, all manufacturing and sourcing will be domestic. 


During the June High Point Market, the brand will introduce ten on-point stationary seating collections targeting retail prices from $1,099 to $1,599 that include sofas, sectionals, loveseats, chairs and ottomans in an array of fabrics. There are no minimums or order requirements. Once ordered, product will be available to ship within the company’s ten-to-twelve-week lead time.


While many other upholstery manufacturers are struggling to catch-up on extensive backlogs causing their once four to six, to eight-week lead times to hover more in the sixteen to twenty-four, to thirty-week lead time, JP Home Furnishings is able to capitalize on resources, and supplies, already in place with no backlog, enabling the company to offer ten-to-twelve-week shipping.


The collection can be seen at the company’s 215 S. Main Street (2nd floor) office and showroom during the June High Point Market, and by appointment during off-Market times. 


For more information visit Call 336.370.7880 or email with questions.





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