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Apple AirTag changes allay stalking fears, Android app coming soon


Apple is rolling out a software update for its AirTag item trackers, which it hopes will reduce fears the coin-sized item could be used for stalking or misused by controlling partners.

The firmware version 1.0.276, which will automatically be installed when in range of the companion iPhone, will significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to play an alert when the AirTag is out of the possession of its owner – and possibly planted on an unsuspecting person.

Apple’s update will now play play a noise within eight hours and again within 24 hours. Previously, it would have taken three days of being separated from its registered owner in order to start ringing.

That led to fears the advanced networking tech, which leverages other Apple devices in the Find My network, could be used to track a person without their knowledge for 72 hours if it was slid into a handbag, for instance.

Apple is also planning to launch an Android app for the AirTags. It doesn’t appear as if Apple is planning on making AirTags accessible for Android users. The apps looks like it’ll be designed to help Android users spot if an AirTag is on their person or moving with them. That’s coming later this year, according to the news first reported by CNET.

“The recent introduction of AirTag included industry first proactive features that discourage unwanted tracking,” Apple reportedly said in a statement.

Trusted Reviews has contact Apple seeking clarification on all the above matters referenced in today’s report. However, it sounds as if Apple has heard the concerns about the AirTag aired since they were launched earlier this year.

The Washington Post, for instance, said it was “frighteningly easy” to misuse the product. Have you snared an AirTag or more? Here’s how to set up Apple AirTag with the iPhone.


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