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Best Gaming Monitor Under $500 In 2021 (1440p, 4k, Ultrawide)


Unlike our best gaming monitor under $200 article, expectations for a monitor under $500 aren’t nearly as harsh. Let’s be honest, $500 is a good chunk of cash to drop on a display – you pretty much have the freedom to purchase whatever you want.

That said, and for those that aren’t up to date on the latest monitor technology, below are some of the main expectations of buying a monitor in this particular price range:

Refresh Rate

For gamers, refresh rates are one of the most important specifications there is. Refresh rate refers to the number of times your monitor refreshes its panel – per second. It has a direct impact on general gameplay smoothness and gives competitive players a real edge over their enemies. That being said, when spending $500, you don’t really need to worry about this spec too much. Whilst you may not be able to get yourself a 360Hz monitor (unless it’s on sale), you can purchase any number of 240Hz monitors. And unless you’re a super competitive esports player, you won’t really notice the difference between the two high-speed refresh rates.

Screen size

Screen size is an interesting specification, mainly because it isn’t the sole contributing factor that adds price to a particular panel. That said, when purchasing a monitor within the $500 price spectrum, users can expect to buy anywhere between 24″ and 34″. Anything higher than this will usually be more than $500, and if it isn’t, you’ll usually compromise on panel response, general speed, and overall build quality.


Resolution is a huge factor when it comes to a monitor’s price point – especially if it’s paired with other high-performance specs like response time and refresh rate. That being said, there are plenty of 4K monitors in today’s market that retail for under $500. However, they usually come with slower response times and lesser refresh rate speeds.


I don’t class HDR as one of the main specs when it comes to a monitor – it’s more of an additional extra (especially in gaming monitors). That being said, you can usually find pretty decent monitors that offer VESA DisplayHDR400/600 at this price point. HDR 1000+ is classed as a premium standard of HDR and is normally saved for manufacturers’ most premium offerings.

When Does It Get Expensive?

So, what does it take for a monitor to be above $500? Well, that usually occurs when a monitor features a combination of high-performance specifications. For example, if you wanted a 4K monitor with 60Hz – you could easily pick one up for $300-400. However, if you want the same panel with a 144Hz panel, the price shoots up exponentially – to way above $500.

The same can be said for an ultrawide monitor with the same quick refresh rate – Samsung Odyssey G9 being a prime example.

At under £500, you will be able to find a very efficient gaming monitor – however, somewhere, you will have to compromise on one of the specifications.


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