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Breakthrough Photography Drop-In Filter System for RED – Development Announced


Breakthrough Photography Drop-In Filter System for RED – Development Announced

Breakthrough Photography has just announced the development of a new drop-in filter system for RED DSMC2 and RED KOMODO. According to the company, this drop-in filter mount (DFM) is the first-ever made with a PL mount. Let’s take a closer look at it!

We first reported about Breakthrough Photography products last year when the company released a series of filters for the Canon RF to EF lens mount adapter. There are 22 high-quality drop-in filters in this lineup, with conventional ND/VND/CPL filters and more unusual ones like the Night Sky, Dark CPL, or Infrared drop-in filters.

To further expand the versatility of their filters, Breakthrough Photography has just announced that they’re developing their first lens mount adapter with drop-in filter capabilities and a PL mount.

Drop-in filter PL-mounts

The Breakthrough Photography drop-in lens mount adapters are CNC machined from aluminum and available in two flavors: DSMC2 to PL-mount and Canon RF to PL-mount.

Image credit: Breakthrough Photography

Even if both versions are precisely engineered, they come standard with a 0.004″ baseline shim. If you’re having back focus issues with your PL lenses, you can add/remove up to two shims – five different shims with various thicknesses are included – to correct your lenses’ infinity focus.

Image credit: Breakthrough Photography

As you can tell, for the DSMC2 version, you’ll need to screw the Breakthrough Photography drop-in filter adapter directly to your camera. No need to say, but it’ll be a very secure lens mount. For RED KOMODO users, the adapter mounts directly to the built-in RF mount of the camera, but it comes with a little foot support.

Image credit: Breakthrough Photography

Above is a little weight comparison between the Breakthrough Photography drop-in adapter (PL to RF mount version) compared to other options on the market. At 186g, this lens mount adapter is one of the lightest on the market for sure.

Image credit: Breakthrough Photography

Last but not least, this PL mount adapter is compatible with all filters already available for the Canon drop-in RF to EF mount adapter. You’ll be able to choose from more than 22 Breakthrough Photography filters or use the Canon’s one you might already have.

Price and availability

The Breakthrough Photography drop-in filter system will retail for $699.00 for either the DSMC2 or RED KOMODO version. A PL to RF straight mount will also available be available for the RED KOMODO for $499.00. We have no information at the moment when all products will be available.

For more information, please visit Breakthrough Photography’s website here.

What do you think about this DFM drop-in system? Do you already have Breakthrough Photography filters? What lens mount adapter do you use with your KOMODO? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!


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