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Canon will introduce new tilt-shift lenses with a high-megapixel camera [CR2] | Canon Rumors


AF will be interesting, as well as how they implement the interface to control it with tilt.

In teaching people the use of tilt and shift, the concept consistently most difficult for even experienced photographers to ‘get’ is that with tilt the distance scale no longer has a defined meaning with respect to distances. Whereas with shift, you can focus and then add shift -or the other way round. The positioning of the tilted focus plane is dependent on both tilt angle and the setting of the focus ring together. This interaction seems more conceptually difficult, leading to people just randomly changing tilt after focusing or adding tilt and focusing to ‘see what happens’ Whilst it can work, there is all too often no deeper understanding, making it difficult to repeat effects or apply them consistently in different settings.

Two RF T/S lenses and a body… not cheap. I need more paying work and more people to buy my tilt/shift book ūüėČ

This from a 2019 patent application
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