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Celebrate Christmas In Style; Give Your House A Festive And New Look


Christmas is right around the corner and
like always you are unsure of what to do this year. The season is special and
so should be your plan for it. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until the décor
is complete. It would rather be empty without a Christmas tree, red, green, and
white cushions on your sofa, and other decoration items around the
house. Christmas is a time of joy and fun but to make it special a lot of
effort goes into it. Here are some ideas for you to give your house a festive
look that will make your Christmas 2020 special so that you remember it

Christmas tree:

Every year you decorate your Christmas tree
with ornaments and lights that you have bought from the store. Why not do
something different this year and make your own ornaments? Ornaments amplify
the beauty of your tree. The store-bought ones are pretty too but the ones
you’ll make yourself will be personal and meaningful and as Christmas is all
about blessings, and thank you should share your happiness with others by
displaying it on a tree. You can buy glass ornaments and paint them according
to your choice with whatever designs and colors you want. It can also be a fun
activity for your family this holiday.

With the DIY ornaments, you can also add
Polaroid pictures of others on the tree to give it a personal and different
look. Also, place it alongside your sofa so that your guest can see the
tree you put in so much effort for.

Throw Blanket:

What screams Christmas more than red,
green, and white color? Nothing. Add a pop of festive color through a blanket
throw on your Sofa which looks very cute.  As the winter evenings can be very chilly
even inside the house, the throw blanket will give make you feel cozy and warm.


You can also use colorful Christmas theme
cushion covers on the cushions of your Fabric Lounges. The red and green
cushions will make the room very colorful and fun.


Other than this you can also light up
various scented candles in your house which will give your home a bakery smell.
The candles come in various festive scents too like cinnamon, pine, or apple
pie which are strictly Christmas scent and this scent would help soothe you and
set the mood. Place them on the Corner Tables or around the house and
make your house smell heavenly.

Fairy Light:

Fairy lights are the easiest Christmas
decoration tool. Just pop some lights here and there on the sofa or
around the house and you are set to go.

Knit Stockings:

Another great tradition is knitting your
stockings for Santa to put the gift in, you can keep yourself busy knitting
stockings with your family and customize them to your choice and hang it around
the house on the chimney and if you don’t have one in your apartment for some reason you can put it just on your corner table.


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