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Curry & Company Announce Mister M Collection



Currey & Company recently announced the debut of The Mister M Collection. The collection pays homage to the fabulous color combinations used by the painter Piet Mondrian, the “Mister M” after whom this family of accessories and lamps is named.


Consisting of ten accessories and lamps, this collection was first conceived by Currey’ s President and CEO, Brownlee Currey and International Consultant for the company, Jean- Charles Chappuis. While visiting Paris stores and the flea markets, they both noticed a common theme of using strong primal colors in new ways suggesting a distinct Mondrian style. Mr. Chappius explains: “We love Piet Mondrian who was a pioneer of abstract art. Born in Holland, he spent his early years working in Paris before moving to New York under the wings of Peggy Guggenheim. It was during this period that he created his greatest artworks. Both Brownlee and I admired his placement of primary colors in a geometric grid and wanted to pay respect to this assembly of colors.”


Bright colors are a welcome addition to our product line as most of our lighting designs are

various shades of subdued metal finish colors. These new designs will add a new perception to the overall look of Currey & Company’ s offerings.


Bringing sophisticated style to a room, the Mister M decorative accessories serve as a reminder of the early days of modern art. Made of solid mango wood, the turned vessels have been carefully hand painted in lively hues. Presented as a whole, the collection makes a very strong statement of modernity and is an ode to primary color.


Made of wrought iron and concrete in powerful hues of blue, yellow, red, and black, the multicolored Mister M Disc Table Lamp joins the other products in this collection in making a strong statement of modernity and primary colors, including a sister disc floor lamp that

looks the same but with a longer stem.


Complete details on the Mister M Collection are the Currey & Company website.


About Currey & Company: Currey & Company is a manufacturer of distinctive home furnishings headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by Robert and Suzanne Currey in 1988, the company is best known for its vibrant collection of lighting products. Currey products are sold by sales representatives throughout the United States and internationally, with permanent showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York and High Point, N.C. A company-owned factory in the Philippines and offices in Hong Kong and New Delhi facilitate production of home furnishings inspired by natural materials, a keen interest in historic influences, fashion, and product integrity. The 30-year legacy of Currey & Company continues with a commitment to people – customers, employees and owners.



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