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DJI Leak Suggests a Smaller FPV Drone May Be Incoming


DJI has been surprisingly busy recently, pumping out a series of new quadcopters in a bid to consolidate its position as the top dog in the consumer drone market.

And it may be close to releasing another one.

A tweet this week from reliable leaker OsitaLV includes a photo (below) that appears to show the fuselage of an upcoming DJI drone that would be a shade larger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


The initial suggestion is that it could be part of the third version of the Mini, DJI’s smallest drone to date. However, the eagle-eyed folks at DroneDJ spotted a space at the front of the fuselage that could be for a cooling scoop, which takes in air to prevent the internal components from overheating.

The only other DJI consumer drone to feature a cooling scoop on the top is the DJI FPV quadcopter, the company’s latest and zippiest drone to date.

In other words, OsitaLV’s photo may in fact be showing the next iteration of DJI’s FPV drone, which could be a little smaller than the original version.

Of course, it’s too early to lay bets as to what exactly we’re looking at. But considering DJI’s pattern of updating existing machines with new features, and also taking into account the increased attention that first person view (FPV) drones have been getting of late, we won’t be surprised to see the company pushing out a new version of its FPV drone before too long.

FPV drones are geared more toward speed and agility than conventional consumer drones that focus more on photography. Many experienced FPV drone pilots build their own machine from parts, topping it off with cameras for the headset’s real-time video feed and also for capturing high-quality imagery.

Creating a diminutive flying machine that’s strong enough to carry a decent camera is key to many FPV drone designs as these smaller setups allow for tricky maneuvers such as flying through small gaps. These amazing FPV drone videos show just what’s possible with plenty of dedication and practice.

DJI hopes that its first FPV drone, which launched earlier this year, will prove a hit with current customers interested in taking their flying skills to the next level.

A smaller version of its first FPV drone could certainly prove tempting to those yet to dive into the world of FPV drones.

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