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Epic Games Launcher Not Working? – Best Fixes For PC & Mac


Before we get into any step-by-step processes, there are a few quick fixes that could potentially resolve the Epic Games Launcher not working issue.

Run As Administrator

Firstly, if you haven’t already tried, completely close the Epic Games launcher by ending the task in Task Manager. Now rick-click on the Epic Games Launcher icon and run the application as administrator. Doing this elevates the app’s permissions so it can avoid issues with downloading games.

Check For Updates

A potential reason for Epic Games Launcher not working could be an overdue update your PC has yet to download and install. In the Epic Games launcher, head to Settings, and if you see a button that says “ Restart And Update”, select it to update in the launcher.

Check The Epic Games Server Status

Sometimes Epic Games Launcher can stop working simply because their server is down. You can quickly check the Epic Games server status page to check everything is good at their end, and whether you need to continue troubleshooting.

Update Graphics Drivers

Make sure your graphics card drivers are all up to date as in some rare cases this can actually fix the Epic Games Launcher not working issue.


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