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Free apps of the week! These 24 paid apps are free for a limited time!


Looking for Android or iOS games or apps that don’t cost you an arm and a leg? Check out some of the limited-time offers on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, where these paid apps are available for free for a limited time only. Check out our list and don’t miss out on the fun!

Our team updates this list each week, so if you’re reading this article a day after its release, some of the listed apps may have changed their status from free to paid in their respective app stores. At the time of publishing, all of the listed apps were available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. If you know of any apps that are currently free and worth a mention, please share your suggestion in the comments.

Tip: If you find an interesting app in the list below, but don’t want to make use of the app or game right now, install the app anyway, then remove it from your device. That way, it will be included in your library and you can install it for free in the future as and when you need it.

Free Android apps on Google Play Store

Free productivity apps on Android for a limited time only on the Play Store

  • Manual Camera ($2.99): Dissatisfied with the controls in your smartphone’s default camera app? Check out this option with a host of manual settings
  • NT Calculator ($2.49): Traditional calculator app with standard mode, scientific, time, and several measurement conversion options
  • QR & Barcode Scanner Pro ($1.99): An ad-free version of the QR and barcode scanner, compatible with URLs, Wi-Fi, products, and more
  • Sav PDF Viewer Pro ($0.99): A basic reader for PDF files, with an option to remember the last point where you read the document
  • Website Shortcut Maker ($0.99): With a self-explanatory name, this app lets you create shortcuts to web pages on your phone’s home screen

Android games that are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • A-2481 ($0.99): Increase your screen brightness to increase your chances of surviving in a bunker in the former Soviet Union.
  • AceSpeeder3 ($0.99): High-speed gravity-free racing that follows the style of the classic WipeOut on  the PlayStation (all right, also on the Saturn and PC, among others).
  • Ball Reach ($1.49): Balance on narrow catwalks and try to reach the end of each stage.
  • Mental Hospital III ($0.99): Another survival horror game in the FPS format, this time in a hospital that should have been abandoned a long time ago.
  • Sonny The Mad Man ($1.99): A Grand Theft Auto parody with absurd missions and a jetpack? What could go wrong?
  • Draw Lines: Pro ($0.99) (includes ads): Join the colored dots without crossing them. It starts out simple, but the challenge level increases with larger boards as you progress.
  • Dungeon Shooter ($1.49) (includes ads and in-app purchases): First-person shooter game where you explore tombs and eliminate scary creatures. Contains some RPG elements.
  • Pixel Blade M VIP ($1.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): A mix of Minecraft and Diablo. In other words, practically a free version of Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Stickman Ghost Premium ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): Slice through enemies in this action game with the return of the stickman.

Free iOS apps on the App Store

Free iOS productivity apps for a limited time only on the App Store

  • Tiny Calendar Pro ($9.90): Check your Google appointments with a minimalist look. This app comes with account syncing, offline use, and different layouts.
  • My Sketch ($1.99): Create sketches from photos on iPhone or iPad. There are several options for special effects, manual controls, and sharing with other apps and social networks.
  • Windy White Noise Sleep Sounds ($1.99): Something of a staple each week, here is a noise app for relaxation, with recordings of wind in high definition audio.
  • Big Clock ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): Turn your iPhone or iPad into a digital clock, complete with full-screen options and even widgets for the home screen.
  • Safety Photo+Video Pro ($3.99) (offers in-app purchases): Create password-protected photo and video albums on your smartphone or tablet. Has wireless sharing options.

Free games on iOS (for now)

  • Air Hockey Neon ($2.99): Challenge your friends (or the computer) to a game of air hockey, with several table themes to choose from.
  • Crash the Comet ($2.99): Test your reflexes and motor coordination by keeping the comet within the defined path. There is a split-screen option to challenge a single player.
  • Isometric Squares ($1.99): Solve puzzles in two or three dimensions, with hundreds of challenges.
  • Jan’s Emoji Sudoku ($0.99): Sudoku is a hit and so are emojis, so why not combine the two? That’s exactly what the developer did in this game, instead of numbers, you distribute the emojis across the board.
  • Incredible Box ($2.99) (in-app purchases): Move the boxes to the given space, in a challenge similar to the classic Sokoban.

That’s it for now. If the promotion for one of the apps or games ends, or if there is an error in the link, please let us know. And if you have any suggestions for temporarily free apps, share them with us in the comments. Don’t forget that at the end of each week, we will publish another list, so see you there!


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