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Gudsen’s Mirfak WE10 Pro 2.4Ghz dual wireless lav kit records a backup straight to microSD


Gudsen, manufacturer of the popular Moza line of gimbals has been branching out into audio recently under the brand Mirfak. Their latest release, the Mirfak WE10 Pro is a wireless lav mic system operating at 2.4Ghz. The WE10 Pro comes with a pair of transmitters and a single receiver allowing you to go solo and record just yourself or a two-way conversation or interview with somebody else.

Both the transmitter and receiver feature a built-in battery, providing up to 5 hours of use for the transmitter and up to 8 hours for the receiver. The transmitters have both built-in mics as well as a 3.5mm lav mic socket. They also feature built-in microSD card slots (supporting up to 64GB), so that if you experience dropout or interference, you haven’t lost your recording.

The Mirfak WE10 Pro is the follow up to the company’s single-transmitter version Mirfak WE10, released a couple of months ago. But they haven’t just doubled the number of transmitters. They’ve also almost doubled the battery life while keeping the charge time the same and more than doubled the wireless range, as well as improving the recording quality from MP3 to WAV.

The trend of recorders being built right into transmitters seems to have taken off quite a bit in the last year or so. With the (finally) recently released Deity BP-TRX, the original Deity Connect Interview Kit, the Mirfak WE10, the new Mirfak WE10 Pro and at least one more (that I can’t recommend) which I’ve tried personally, that’s at least five different wireless lav mic systems out there now that offer recording directly in the transmitter to an SD card.

  Mirfak WE10 Mirfak WE10Pro
Transmit Frequency 2.4Ghz 2.4Ghz
Connections 1 1 or 2
Range 30m 70m
Battery life Tx 3.5hr, Rx 4h Tx 5hr, Rx 8hr
Charge time Tx 100min, Rx 80min Tx 100min, Rx 80min
Frequency Range 65-20Khz 65-20Khz
Noise Signal Ratio >70dBA >70dBA
Gain Volume Adjustment (Gain settings) Volume Adjustment (Gain settings)
Mute One-Click One-Click
Display OLED display on Rx OLED display on Rx
Built-in Mic Tx Yes Tx Yes
External Mic socket 3.5mm TRS 3.5mm TRS
Monitor Function 3.5mm Headphone jack 3.5mm Headphone jack
Recording TX microSD up to 64GB TX microSD up to 64GB
Record Format 96kbps MP3 177kbps WAV
Dimensions 61 x 44 x 20mm 61 x 44 x 20mm
Weight 34g 34g
Price $169 $249

Of course, the legalities of doing so aren’t all that clear everywhere. In much of the world, you’re just fine. In the USA, patent issues means that on some devices, the feature is not available – which is why Deity’s BP-TRX and other solutions only offer simultaneous recording and wireless transmission on the International version.

Mirfak hasn’t said whether recording and transmitting simultaneously is available on the Mirfak WE10 Pro or the original WE10 for users in the USA, but having tested the original WE10 on some live streams, it is most definitely available here in the UK. The quality of both the transmission and the internal recording isn’t too bad with an external mic, either.

The Mirfak WE10 Pro dual wireless lav mic kit is available to buy now from Amazon for $249 or from the Mirfak online store. The single transmitter WE10 is also available to buy now for $169.


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