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Images leaked: These are Samsung’s new foldables Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3


Curtain up for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3! The first official render images of the new Samsung foldables have been leaked on the web. While the new Galaxy Z Flip gets a fresh design, for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 you have to check the insides for the innovations.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 apparently comes with support for S Pen
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 gets a redesign in the style of the Galaxy S21 lineup
  • Launch possibly at Unpacked event in August

Reports of Samsung’s two foldables started making rounds earlier this year – and here they are now, the two new foldable smartphones:

samsung galaxy z fold 3 z flip 3
Galaxy Z Fold 3 (left) and Galaxy Z Flip 3: This is probably what the next two Samsung foldables look like. / © Samsung

While not much has changed in terms of pure looks for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the new Flip is likely getting a makeover. With the two-part design and the two cameras placed one above the other, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 reminds us a bit of the current S21 lineup in terms of style.

Also, reports from late 2020 that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would support the S Pen are now confirmed once again. Namely, one of the leaked render images shows the Galaxy Z Fold 3 along with the Samsung stylus. Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be a special slot for the stylus like on the Note.

samsung galaxy z fold 3 s pen
A Galaxy Z Fold 3 with S Pen – the end for the Galaxy Note 21? / © Samsung

Meanwhile, no new hardware details about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 have been revealed. Don’t expect the maximum here like you’d find in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Though, contrary to reports leaked earlier this year, the Z Flip 3 will likely support 5G after all. But perhaps a foldable mid-range smartphone would be just the right move to make foldables suitably affordable and thus suitable for the masses.

The two new flexible phones are expected at an Unpacked event in August – that late summer Unpacked where Samsung typically also unveils the new models in its Note series. After the S-series recently moved closer and closer to the Notes, especially with the Ultra models and their S Pen support, the question now is: Will we even see new Galaxy Notes here? Even the Samsung CEO himself doubted that in an interview with Bloomberg.

If you’re now totally hot for Samsung’s foldables, you can browse our reviews of the current lineup here.


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