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Movo WebMic HD Pro: Upgrade Your Zoom Calls With One Device


Movo WebMic HD Pro: Upgrade Your Zoom Calls With One Device

Movo’s new WebMic Pro has brought much-needed innovation to what has become one of the most indispensable products of the past year: webcams. Check this thing out.

Tell me if you can relate to my story: when the pandemic hit last year, I decided to take zoom calls more seriously. I am a filmmaker, after all. I work hard to create good-looking images for the rest of my life, so why not apply those skills to my own face?

Laptops have all of the necessary tools for video-conferencing built-in, but as a desktop user, I have no such luxury. My current setup is more complex than I would ideally want for simple zoom meetings and family check-ins. I use a professional podcasting mic because that is the audio input device that I have on hand. By the time I began searching for a webcam, millions of other people had already beaten me to the idea. The world was entirely sold out of webcams. So, as a result, my webcam is my iPhone, connected by USB and erected above my monitor on a magic arm. And lastly, I also pressed into service a cheap softbox that wasn’t seeing much action.

I like my setup, now that I’ve worked out all the bugs and became comfortable with it. But what if you could fold all of those moving parts into one single unit? That’s exactly what Movo has set out to do.

Image Credit: Movo

WebMic Pro Features

The new Movo WebMic line includes several different models with varying feature sets, but the WebMic HD Pro and the WebMic 4K Pro, the top-of-the-line products, both feature a camera, a microphone, and a light in one convenient package. That means fewer tangled USB cables if your setup is anything like mine.

The microphone in every Movo WebMic features a directional pickup pattern for more focused sound, as well as a few very welcomed physical controls. The units have gain control adjustment knobs, headphone audio jacks for direct, latency-free monitoring, and a physical mute button to make sure you are always in control. The camera, depending on the model that you order, can output in either 1080p/30fps or 4K/30fps. The 4K model can also step up to 1080p/60fps. And finally, the built-in LED ring light has three brightness settings that you can easily cycle between. The links in this paragraph will take you to samples of each feature from Movo’s YouTube channel.

Image Credit: Movo

Is There a Catch?

As with all Kickstarter products, there are a few things to be aware of. All that we have to report on, and all that you have to judge it by, are pre-production samples that the company personally vetted. Those samples may or may not be representative of the final product. Backers in the comment section of the Kickstarter have identified artifacting issues resulting from over-sharpening on the 4K model, and sibilance issues (described as raspy “s” sounds) on some samples. Movo promises they are addressing these issues, and that “Our 4K model is still having a few kinks worked out”.

Pricing and availability

While delivery was originally scheduled for June 2021, in an update, Movo says “For backers of the WebMic, WebMic HD, and WebMic HD Pro, we are now looking at beginning fulfillment of orders on July 15th and anticipate that all orders will be fulfilled by August 15th”. Backers of the 4K WebMic can expect a similar delivery schedule. However, pre-orders are still available at the time of writing. Each Movo WebMic costs $169 USD and comes with a stand, a clamp, and a USB cable.

Is this all-in-one solution just what you’ve been waiting for? Or is the Movo WebMic Pro trying to do too much? Let us know in the comments!


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