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Nikon Zfc, Nikon Z 28mm F2.8 and Nikon 40mm F2.0 Lens Coming « NEW CAMERA


By admin, on June 19th, 2021

Nikon ZFC and Nikon Z 28mm F2.8 and Nikon 40mm F2.0 Lens Coming on June 28, 2021. Again, we are sure about the announcement of lenses on June 28, but we are not so sure about the camera. We have to wait for trusted sources to get more clear information about upcoming products and their detailed specification.

Nikon Z 28mm F2.8 and Nikon 40mm F2.0 Lens Image


Nikon Zfc Major Features

Design: Retro Style DX Mirrorless Camera
Model Name: Nikon Zfc
The technical specifications will be very close to the Nikon Z50.
Display: Vari-angle / Fully articulated
Very thin camera body without a handgrip.
Shape and handling similar to old Nikon FM cameras.
Three different colors are rumored: silver, black, and brown (leather?)
Price with kit lens: $999.
New DX Lenses also coming with the camera
Official announcement expected on June 28, shipping from July 31

We will post an update as soon as we get the detailed core specification of the upcoming camera. Its looks like Fuji X-T30 or Fuji X-T200’s true competitor coming out soon.

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