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Nokia T20 Tablet with 10.36-inch display is in development


Android is one of the most powerful operating systems in the market right now. However, while it is amazing for smartphones, it still offers a lackluster experience on big-screen devices. Despite this, there are many companies that still bet on this particular segment such as Samsung and Lenovo. Now, a new report indicates that Nokia is gearing up to deploy its first tablet post-HMD era. The Nokia T20 will come with a 10.36-inch display. The question is whether the company will stick with stock Android or will deploy it with a more tablet-focused skin.

According to NokiaMob’s report, the company will expand its portfolio of mobile products with a tablet. The tablet is seemingly set to be included in an upcoming launch event. It can be part of a multi-device event that showcases multiple smartphones as well. We have been waiting for new Nokia smartphones since April.

Interestingly, a new Nokia T20 has received certification in Russia, which suggests a possible global launch of the smartphone very soon. It may not be a tablet for the overall customers. After all, the report suggests that it can be a rugged tablet. So, it may not be sleek as it potentially could be. Those who experienced the Nokia N1 may not get the successor that they have been waiting for, at least not this time around.

Nokia T20 may be a rugged tablet

The leaked info also suggests that the device will have a price tag of around $282 for the LTE variant, and $255 for the variant with only Wi-Fi connectivity. With a 10.36-inch display, the device may stand as a good device for media consumption, but with its ruggedness in mind, we’re not sure if this will be the point of the tablet. Of course, we can expect it to pack a good battery and hopefully a processor that sits beyond the entry-level segment.

Nokia is now owned by HMD global, but it’s not the brand that it once was. The company made its comeback a couple of years ago with the Nokia 6 and launched a bunch of good smartphones. However, it has been losing space in recent years with few smartphones being launched per year. The company didn’t deliver a proper flagship after the Nokia 9 PureView fiasco. Even though the Nokia flagship is something that stays on the rumor mill. We are curious to see if the company will be able to carve its space in the Android tablet space. The segment is currently dominated by Samsung. The Korean firm has a wide portfolio of tablets for the mid-range, entry-level, and flagship segments.


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