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Patent Agreement Gives Chinese Microphone Maker Deity a Leg–up in the USA


Patent Agreement Gives Chinese Microphone Maker Deity a Leg–up in the USA

Radio microphone competitors Deity and Zaxcom agree on licensing for a new range of products. At the moment on the Deity website, the description of their new digital radio mic system the BP-TRX has an asterix next to the feature ‘Transmit and record simultaneously’. Follow the lead down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see ‘BP-TRX units sold/shipped to the USA do not currently transmit and record simultaneously’. 

With reaching a patent agreement with legendary US radio mic innovator Zaxcom, the situation is about to change for all existing and future users of the BP-TRX in the USA. 

Zaxcom radio mic transmitter TRXFB3
The Zaxcom TRXFB3 transmitter with record abilities. Image Credit: Zaxcom

The agreement with Zaxcom is for five patents that allow this simultaneous ability in the US. The innovations go back to a Zaxcom product called the TRX900 which was launched in 2005This Emmy award-winning digital recording wireless system was the first of its kind to transmit crystal clear audio while recording a timecode stamped full resolution audio file on the pack itself, a game-changing and required feature to secure audio takes and not worry about RF dropouts. This agreement will allow Deity Microphones’ new BP-TRX units to transmit and record audio at the same time when purchased or used in the United States. 

The new Deity BP–TRX radio mic transmitter, now with simultaneous transmit and record abilities in the USA. Image Credit: Deity

Who does the agreement help?

The licensing deal covers all BP-TRX units already shipped to the USA and all new units that will be produced going forward. This means Deity Microphones will now allow US customers to have access to the international firmware updates starting with Firmware V1.1 (released this month). Customers who have already placed pre-orders and are awaiting the shipment of their BP-TRX units can perform a firmware update on day one of ownership to unlock all the new features.

“We are thrilled to have worked out an agreement with Glenn Sanders and the Zaxcom team,” Andrew Jones, brand developer of Deity Microphones said. “We are excited to showcase to our US customers the full potential the BP-TRX will have on their video shoots. It’s been a long 2-year journey designing the BP-TRX and this license agreement with Zaxcom is the cherry on top of all that hard work.”

Deity Microphones now becomes the first brand ever to have licensed these patents from Zaxcom.

Do you agree this will be a game changer? Let us know in the comments section below!

Deity BR-TRX product page
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