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Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 Air PC Case Review


The Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 Air is stunning from every angle and is one of the more interesting cases I’ve seen for quite some time. This line of case has been out for quite some time and the latest to the smaller form factor family is the air edition, offering more airflow and therefore more performance.

Evolve Shift 2 11

The front is a solid steel panel and features the same cutout design we see across most Phanteks cases at the top and bottom. From the front, the Shift 2 Air is very slender and measures 186mm across, making it look like the Corsair One’s bigger brother. The front panel can come off to assist with the building process by loosening the thumbscrews that are revealed under the top panel.

Evolve Shift 2 7

The only external I/O comes in the form of two USB 3.0 ports which are located right at the bottom.

The Rear

The back shares a similarly shaped steel panel, only this time it is perforated. The back is where you can mount two  120mm/140mm fans or use the space at the bottom for a 120mm AIO cooler. The perforated design is really nice but if it wasn’t for the mesh sides, there would be a few airflow issues to raise.

Evolve Shift 2 3

We also see the port for your pass-through kettle plug located towards the bottom at the rear too, keeping the system conventional.

The Side

The side is where we see the biggest change to the Evolv Shift, with both side panels being fully comprised of mesh fabric. The mesh fabric is very breathable and you can see straight through it, which is great news for any RGB components you may want to throw in. The nylon material is durable and is quite a fine mesh, meaning it doubles up as a dust filter too that is easily cleaned.

Evolve Shift 2 2

The side panels are the obvious reason this has been named the Shift Air and there is no doubt the performance of the case has been enhanced. The mesh works wonders for cooling the GPU, however, the main issue with this isn’t airflow but rather how you can effectively cool a high TDP CPU, with such little radiator space or clearance (85mm max) for beefy air coolers.

Both slides, like the front and back release after loosening the thumbscrews located under the top panel, and both slide off effortlessly.

The Top

The top is where we see something as unique as the overall shape of the Evolv Shift 2 Air, its pop-open top panel. We will talk about the interior shortly but the top panel features a pop-mechanism that works well to conveniently reveal your motherboards I/O and the ports on your GPU.

Evolve Shift 2 12


The top panel is perforated to allow some airflow and features three buttons – your power switch, D-RGB Color switch, and D-RGB mode switch. One of the major drawbacks to this case is its poor quality buttons, they do not feel solid at all, which is highly unusual from Phanteks. There is a small cutout at the back for you to cable manage your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other connections you may slot in the back.

Evolve Shift 2 9


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