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Reap the benefits of watchOS 8 with this phenomenal Apple Watch deal


The superb Apple Watch 5 has plummeted to just £285.15, making for the perfect opportunity to make use of all the upcoming features from watchOS 8 on the cheap.

Available via Loop Mobile’s eBay store, the models in question are Certified Refurbished and have been sourced directly from Apple, so you can rest assured that their quality is in like-new condition. All the accessories are included too, and there’s a full year’s warranty to boot.

Deal: Apple Watch 5 for just £285.15 with code PROMO8

To receive the full quoted discount however, you need to use the code PROMO8 at the checkout. This eBay exclusive code is only available until June 10, so time is running out if you want to make use of this fantastic deal.

Even though its been surpassed by the newer Apple Watch 6, the Apple Watch 5 is still a fantastic option to go for if you’re an iPhone user on the lookout for a smartwatch. In fact, the only major upgrade the 6 has over the 5 is its blood oxygen sensor, but unless you have issues with breathing or like to hike in the mountains every weekend, then it’s a feature you can do without.

At its launch, the Apple Watch 5 was notable for being Apple’s first wearable to add an always-on display. If – like me – you enjoy a casual glance at the time that doesn’t involve raising your hand all the way up to your face then you’ll know just how important an always-on display can be for timekeeping.

Plus, it almost goes without saying at this point but if you want the most robust ecosystem available on a wearable, then the Apple Watch really is the only way to go. Sure, plenty of Wear OS watches may look a lot more stylish and even come with better battery life, but Wear OS as it is right now simply can’t stand up to the range of apps and features on watchOS.

Deal: Apple Watch 5 for just £285.15 with code PROMO8

At a price that’s much closer to the affordable Apple Watch SE (except you’re getting a lot more features bundled in), this fantastic deal on the Apple Watch 5 is just too good to miss.


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