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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ will get “real” telephoto camera


The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ are supposed to get “real” telephoto cameras. In the S21 and S20 generation, the korean manufacturer has relied on high-resolution sensors and a digital zoom instead. While this is not necessarily bad, it simply goes better in a top-range smartphone.

  • Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ are may be getting a real optical zoom
  • The previous two generations used a hybrid zoom with digital magnification
  • Provided Samsung uses the same sensor, zoom quality should improve

Marketing departments around the globe love it, the hybrid zoom. With enough chutzpah, you can slap a fat “30x” on a smartphone with 1.06x optical zoom – as it happened with the Galaxy S20, S20+, S21 and S21+.

As noted leaker Tron writes on Twitter, the two “smaller” models of the rumored S22 trio will each get a 3x optical zoom. According to the report, the periscope lens will remain reserved for the S22 Ultra in the next generation.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Zoom Comparison
Samsung’s optical zoom in the Galaxy S21 Ultra never fails to impress. / © NextPit

With a similarly powerful sensor behind the lens, this should mean a significant increase in zoom image quality over previous models. And if the “Super Resolution Zoom” increases in proportion to the optical focal length, the S22 and S22+ will then proudly slap a “1500x” on it. Let’s see.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the name for the two S22 models in the tweet: The next S generation is probably codenamed “Rainbow”. R corresponds to the vanilla model with no name suffix. G is the Plus variant, and B denotes the Ultra – RGB for Rainbow, get it?

Everything about the upcoming Galaxy S generation can be found on our Galaxy S22 page:


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