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Rumour: Panasonic actually going to give the GH6 Phase Detect autofocus


Well, this is a bit of a surprise if true. Panasonic has long shunned other autofocus systems in favour of its proprietary “Depth from defocus” system used in its Micro Four Thirds cameras. And while Panasonic might be happy with it, many Panasonic users are not. But now it seems like Panasonic might actually be changing their tune if the above video is to be believed.

It was posted by Film Studi-O-taku Hi, based in Japan who says that the “magical camera company fairies” (which could mean he’s protecting his source or it could be completely made up) got word to him that the GH6 will include standard phase-detect autofocus.

This would be quite a big deal for Panasonic’s users. The problem isn’t that DFD is particularly terrible – although some would argue that it is – the issue is that it’s proprietary and nobody else can use it. Nobody. Even other companies with which it has alliances. Like Olympus (neither the old Olympus nor the new one). So, none of your Olympus or other 3rd party lenses can take advantage of DFD and it defaults back down to standard, slow, often inaccurate contrast-detect autofocus.

Providing phase-detect autofocus means that the camera should see a pretty rapid autofocus boost over previous Panasonics and not just with Panasonic’s own lenses, but with all third party lenses, too. At least, that’s the theory. It’s still possible that Panasonic might do something to make it only compatible with their own lenses. After all, even partner companies like Olympus and Sigma are still technically competitors.

But if they do implement phase-detect AF, then let’s hope not. If it is true, I’d be very curious to see if they also start implementing it in their full-frame L mount bodies, too.

What do you think? Is Panasonic ditching DFD in favour of PDAF?

[via Mirrorless Rumors]


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