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Sony ZV-E10 Announcement Soon « NEW CAMERA


By admin, on May 30th, 2021

According to the latest rumors, Sony will soon announce a new camera for vlogging purposes and the name of the camera is  Sony ZV-E10.  Although I was waiting for a Sony A6600 camera successor or Sony A7 IV camera announcement. But right now Sony is aiming at vloggers and they want to deliver a perfect Mirrorless camera with a vari-angle, AI track, and IBIS in a compact body.

Why Sony ZV-E10 Camera Coming?

High sales volumes of Sony Sony ZV-1 camera worldwide inspired them to extend the vlogging camera series.  The new camera will have $899 Price tag and  24 MP sensor, take a look at more details of the upcoming camera

Sony ZV-E10 Camera Specification

  • 24MP sensor
  • fully articulating screen
  • Sony A5xxx body with no EVF
  • Price around $899 (900 Euro)

Does Sony Sony ZV-E10 Camera feature Image Stabilization?

Initial hints suggest the camera does have some sort of  IS inside it for vloggers, will post an update soon.

Sony ZV-E10 Price

Sony ZV-E10 Camera price $899. Shipping will start from August 2021.

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