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STL241: Dust collectors vs. dust extractors


Question 1: 

My next shop purchase will either be a new jointer, or a better dust collection solution. 

 While a new jointer is much more exciting, my dust collection is pitiful right now, and consists of a shop vac I found in my basement that I think must have been abandoned by a contractor a few years ago. I am looking at either the Grizzly g0860 which got a favorable review from Anissa, or a Festool dust extractor. I know these are kind of two different things, but they cost about the same so I will have to pick one or the other.  Which do you think would be better to get first and why? 

I have a table saw, jointer, planer, bandsaw, all the hits, but I also use my compact router a lot. 

My inclination is the Grizzly would do more for me, but I would be interested to hear y’all’s take on dust collection, and if fancy dust extractors like the festool are really worth the cost over a more typical shop vac.

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The Dawn of the Quiet Shop Vacuum

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Question 2:

From Joshua:

I’ve been a hobbyist woodworker for 20 or so years. As my projects have moved more in the direction of fine woodworking, I’m starting to see the shortcomings of my existing tablesaw, specifically the fence. Is it worth spending the time in the shop to improve the usability of the saw, ie; mounting the saw into a frame and adding an outfeed table, making a crosscut sled, and trying to find ways to get straight cuts without a fence, or should I start saving for something now? There are no aftermarket fences available for this saw, and I’ve had to grind the safety nubs off of the miter slots in order to make any kind of sled runners.

Aftermarket Tablesaw Fence Systems

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