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The Best Stormforce Gaming PC – Intel 11th-Gen Desktops


Things To Consider

No matter who you are buying a prebuilt system from, there are a few areas to consider before that final purchase. These prebuilt desktops may offer great value but they are still expensive products, so it is important you get the right one for your gaming needs. You need to consider the manufacturer you are buying from too, are they reputable? Do they produce quality-constructed systems? What kind of warranty can you expect? Let’s take a look.

About Stormforce

Stormforce is a UK-based prebuilt PC manufacturer that specializes in gaming desktops. Stormforce offers prebuilt PC recommendations for a variety of specific gaming titles, AMD-based options, and Intel-based options, catering to a wide variety of gamers.

StormForce 117

Stormforce Warranty

When purchasing a Stormforce PC, you will get a three-year collect, repair, and return warranty. This covers repairs and replacement parts, and also includes labor for three years, excluding Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Please note, the warranty only covers hardware issues, not software.

If for any reason you experience an issue with your system, you can contact Stormforce directly between the hours of 9 am – 5.15 pm.

Stormforce has a standard 28-day returns policy, you simply need to get in contact with the company and you will receive your refund within 14-days.

Where Does Stormforce Deliver To?

Stormforce only accepts orders from the UK and customers can expect fast delivery thanks to strong distribution links.

Stormforce Prebuilt Gaming PC Vs Custom

We always recommend that you build your own computer here at WePC and that is for one simple reason – value.  It is no secret that you can squeeze in better hardware for your cash when building your own system, with the markup on prebuilt computers usually costing the same amount as an entire component (£100-£300+).


While the performance of these Stormforce PCs is never in doubt, when building your own, you could in theory include a better CPU or GPU into your computer for less. This means you could get even better performance for your hard-earned cash, get better in-game results, and future-proof your investment for longer.


The main selling point behind a prebuilt gaming PC is it saves you the hassle. We understand that not everyone knows how to build a computer and may not even have the time to learn this new skill, so the convenience of a prebuilt makes a lot of sense. Of course, there are many more benefits to buying a prebuilt gaming PC from manufacturers such as Stormforce, obviously, it takes the stress away from finding all the compatible components, while also preventing damage to said components when the time comes to build it.

With one of these systems, you are going to be able to send it back to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong. Furthermore, if you feel you need an upgrade, suppliers will often do this for you or at least insist you send it to them for an upgrade. Manufacturers will also dish out a warranty, usually covering parts and labor for around a year but some companies, like Stormforce, offer impressive warranties.


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