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The iPhone SE 2020 is almost half price with this phenomenal timed offer


The iPhone SE 2020 can now be had for just £233.74 – almost half of its £399 asking price over at the Apple Store – when you use the code BAG15OFF at eBay.

Available via the Mobile Deals UK storefront, the offer in question applies to opened but never used models of the iPhone SE 2020, hence why they’re already available for the significantly discounted price of £274.99.

Until midnight on July 15 however, eBay is allowing shoppers to snag up to 15% off on select items, and the iPhone SE 2020 is one of them. Since its release in April of last year, this is the best deal we’ve seen yet for the iPhone SE 2020, and an unbelievable bargain if you want to get on the iOS ecosystem without breaking the bank.

Even at its original price, the revamped iPhone SE is one of the best cheap phones you can buy. Sure, it doesn’t have quite the same camera prowess as the Pixel 4a, but with an A13 Bionic chip the iPhone SE can’t be beaten for speed and processing power within its price range.

If you’ve come to fully accept the notch on Apple’s premium phones then the iPhone SE might look a tad old fashioned, but if you have a flare for the nostalgic then the return of the traditional iPhone home button and fingerprint sensor will be a welcome sight for some users.

After spending a good amount of time with the phone, TR’s Deputy Editor Max Parker scored the iPhone SE a solid 4-star rating, with a Trusted Reviews Recommended badge. This is what he had to say:

“This is a fantastic upgrade for those with an iPhone 8 or older, and you will notice big changes, and a lot of familiarities, in the switch. It’s also just a downright excellent buy if you want a phone that’ll perform fast and take excellent pictures for years to come.”

It’s rare to see any iPhone go for a such a cheap price, but with the iPhone SE 2020 being a modern device with years of updates still to come, it’s a true bargain that shouldn’t be passed up.


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