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TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4 – a $73 Lens for APS-C Mirrorless Cameras


TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4 – a $73 Lens for APS-C Mirrorless Cameras

TTArtisan recently released a new lightweight and compact lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras: the TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4. This prime lens is available in various lens mounts, including FUJIFILM X-mount, Nikon Z-mount, L-mount, Canon M-mount, Sony E-mount, and Micro Four Thirds mount. Let’s take a closer look at this affordable, fully manual lens!

TTArtisan is a young Chinese company founded in 2019 that specializes in affordable photography lenses that are totally manual. They have already released a dozen lenses in less than two years, including the TTArtisan 50mm F/1.2 lens for APS-C/M43 cameras and the TTArtisan 21mm F/1.5 ASPH for mirrorless cameras.

The company is back today with a new lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras: the TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4.

TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4 – Features

The TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4 lens is a compact (44mm x 56mm – h x w) and lightweight (180g/0.4lbs) compatible with APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras. At the moment, the lens is available in various lens mounts: FUJIFILM X-Mount, Nikon Z-Mount, L-Mount, Canon M-Mount, Sony E-Mount, and Micro Four Thirds.

Image credit: TTArtisan

The lens has a maximum aperture of F/1.4, and the aperture ring is not de-clicked. This entirely manual prime should be a very lightweight all-day addition to your kit with decent low light capabilities.

Image credit: TTArtisan

Lens design

The lens design consists of 7 elements in 6 groups. The aperture diaphragm consists of 10 rounded blades, and the filter diameter is 39mm. The minimum focus distance is only 28cm.

Since this is a fully manual lens, there are no focus motors nor electronic lens stabilization to be found inside.

Price and availability

The TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4 is available now for only $73.00 in either black or silver color. At this price point, there is no competition available on the market that I can think of.

For more information, please visit TTArtisan’s website here.

Did you already try a TTArtisan lens? What do you think about this new 35mm F1.4 prime? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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