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Vaxis ATOM 600 KG – Wireless Video for RED Komodo with Gold Mount Batteries


Vaxis ATOM 600 KG – Wireless Video for RED Komodo with Gold Mount Batteries

If you’re a RED KOMODO owner, the Vaxis ATOM 600 series of wireless transmitters might be worth a close look, as the system integrates seamlessly with the camera for a nice and clean package. Vaxis has now announced a Gold-mount version of the already available V-Mount series: Meet the Vaxis ATOM 600 KG TX.

Read all about the Vaxis ATOM 600 KV (that’s the name of the V-Mount version) here! This latest KG variant now allows users of the popular Anton Bauer style Gold-mount batteries to build a sleek camera rig without any cables dangling around (except for a short SDI cable handling the video input).

Since the only difference between the V-mount and Gold-mount versions is, well, the battery mount, users who purchased the ATOM 600 KV and only need the Gold-mount battery plate can order just said battery plate and replace it themselves.

Vaxis ATOM 600 KG
image credit: Vaxis

Vaxis ATOM 600 KG

The idea behind the Vaxis ATOM 600 series is quite simple: it provides a sleek and customized wireless video solution for the popular RED KOMODO camera. It consists of the wireless transmitter itself and a battery plate to power the transmitter and the camera simultaneously. No cables required.

The video below shows the V-mount version:

According to Vaxis the unit is capable of transmitting 1080p60 up to 600ft with a mere 0.08s of latency. It also extends the range for wirelessly controlling the KOMODO using the app. The transmitter is compatible with all Vaxis ATOM series receivers (and comes bundled with an Atom 500 SDI RX).

The “new” model sporting a Gold-mount battery pale will be available as regular version (just black) or limited version (white transmitter module, black battery plate). Both variants are available for pre-order over on


Both the limited and regular editions will cost $999, and the standalone gold-mount battery plate for use with an existing Vaxis ATOM 600 KV unit will cost $80. All three items are available for pre-order now. Included in the package is the following (don’t worry, you’ll get everything you need, both the TX and an RX module):

  • Atom 600 KG TX
  • Atom 500 SDI RX
  • 2x SDI Cable
  • 2x Short Radar Antenna
image credot: Vaxis

To read all about the technical details of the underlying wireless video transmitter make sure to check out our article about the already existing V-mount version.

Link: Vaxis Website

What do you think? Are you a KOMODO owner and need a wireless video solution? Let us know in the comments below!


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