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AMD Vs Intel Sales

As most will know, Intel has always been the dominant force when it comes to overall revenue and stock sales. I mean, until recent history, no one really bothered with AMD processors because the Intel market was so strong in both the performance and price categories.

However, since Ryzen’s new 3rd Gen CPUs hit shelves, that trend might finally be starting to sway in AMD’s favor. Let’s have a look at some figures to see how each company is trending.

These figures are based on the last ten years and do not include the Q3 2019, which is when Ryzen’s 3rd Gen CPUs went live.

AMD quarterly Revenue

AMD’s quarterly revenue shows figures that suggest a rocky road, with a clear dip in 2016. However, from Q3 2017 onwards, we have seen a clear upward trend, which led to AMD’s highest quarterly revenue in Q2 2018. Great news for team red.

We did see a small dip at the start of 2019, but I can only imagine that was due to people waiting for the new CPUs.

How were Intel fairing during this time? Let’s see.

Intel Quarterly Revenue Millions of US

Intel’s sales were seemingly unscathed during this time, and if anything, also increased at a similar rate. Where AMD recorded a new quarterly high, Intel also saw the same spike in its own revenue figures — recording its highest quarterly revenue in Q3 2018 over the last ten years. That will probably be down to the impressive 9th gen CPUs, which were so popular during that time.

One glaringly obvious stat that I’m sure you’ve picked up on is the difference between the two companies. At the moment, all the noise is coming from AMD. However, Intel is still creating over ten times the quarterly revenue. That’s a huge difference and a lot of ground for AMD to make up.

Intel VS AMD Quarter Rev

So, what can we take from this? Well, we can safely say that Intel is still, not including Q3 figures, killing AMD on the revenue side of things.

That being said, maybe taking a closer look at the Year over year quarterly growth will display more interesting stats.

Intel YOY Quarterly Growth

Year over year growth for Intel sees them start 2019 with back-to-back dips in growth. Furthermore, since 2012, Intel has recorded equal gain/loss quarters. Not great reading from a team blue perspective.

Even more so when you compare this data with what AMD is posting.

AMD YOY Growth

You can see straight away that the gain quarters outweigh the loss quarters. AMD’s growth has been slowly increasing since the backend of 2013, and I can only see the trend continuing for Q3 2019 and onwards.

Even though a small dip was posted at the start of 2019, I can only see Q3 2019 going one way, and that’s up. Especially with the release of Ryzen 3rd Gen.

For example sake, one German retailer showcased figures that would suggest AMD now had an 81% market share over their bitter rivals.

The data below was compiled by Reddit user Ingebor.

Reddit post market share 81

Intel is going to have to do something pretty drastic if they want to change the tide back into their own favor. Right now though, it’s hard to see what’s next for team blue.


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